Immerse yourself in San Pedro Square

A Great Time. Anytime.

Winter and spring is Sharks season in San Pedro Square, as legions of loyal Sharks fans fill bars and restaurants on game days. 

Casual dinner. Special occasion. Impromptu rendezvous with friends. Live music. Stage performances and top-rated entertainment. For the total downtown San Jose experience, you’ll love San Pedro Square.

San Pedro Square is the downtown destination for a bite or a sip. More than 25 restaurants are scattered around a five-block area.

You want pizza? We have pizza. And Italian and Vietnamese and Chinese and Japanese, Mexican and British and Irish and Spanish and American and Peruvian and Greek and Nepalese and Hawaiian and more.

And it’s not just food. San Pedro Square features nightlife, too. You want a pub? We have a pub. And a lounge, and saloon and even a good- old-fashioned bar or two. First-rate coffee is available, too. Watering holes galore to quench whatever you’re thirsting.

Combining old with the new, today’s San Pedro Square represents the premier dining and nightlife destination downtown. The rustic Tabard Theatre (formerly Theatre on San Pedro Square) has been home to the Tabard Theatre Company for more than 20 years. It’s quality performances, music and comedy events are presented in as intimate and beautiful surroundings as you can find anywhere.

San Pedro Square is also home to the Peralta Adobe and Fallon House. The Peralta Adobe was built in 1797 and is the oldest building in San Jose. The Fallon House is a Victorian mansion built in 1855 by Thomas Fallon, a frontiersman who served as mayor from 1859 to 1860.

Make an afternoon and evening out of your visit to San Pedro Square.