Our Story

History is alive in San Pedro Square. One of Spanish California’s oldest settlements, the Peralta Adobe, was built in 1797 and is the last remaining structure from El Pueblo de San Jose de Guadalupe. Across the street, early San Jose mayor Thomas Fallon built an impressive abode in 1855. San Pedro Street is lined with historic buildings dating from the turn of the century. San Pedro Square has been a gathering place for centuries.

In 1972, the first restaurant to put down stakes in San Pedro Square opened. The Old Spaghetti Factory took up residence in, appropriately enough, the former site of the Ravenna Pasta Company. As downtown’s development continued, more restaurants followed suit to cater to the burgeoning office worker crowd and the increasing numbers of arts, theater, and nightlife patrons.

Today, San Pedro Square’s culinary offerings include flavors from around the world including Mexican, Peruvian, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Italian, Continental, Hawaiian, multiple Asian influences, as well brew pubs, retro American, delis, cafes and more. While the Old Spaghetti Factory celebrates almost 40 years downtown, other establishments such as 71 Saint Peter, The Brit, Farmers Union, Old Wagon Saloon, Togo’s and San Pedro Square Market have been denizens for more than a decade.